Lucia Babina (LB) is an intuitive coach for individuals and communities, meditation mentor, infrastructure artist, social designer, writer.

LB specializes in creating spaces of care and crafting transformative technologies, drawing upon her artistic and spiritual background. Her approach encompasses two distinct but interconnected facets. On one hand, her focus revolves around empowering authentic self-expression and inner wisdom within individuals, through techniques such as meditation, breathing, and image-generation. On the other hand, LB is dedicated to researching and reactivating regenerative ways of cohabitation and coexistence, engaging in collective visions and artistic processes as a means to reflect on the current global unevenness and injustice.

LB is the co-founder of iSTRIKE (2007-2009). iSTRIKE is an environmental organization which aims at highlighting and surveying new dynamics of intercultural exchange and international cultural co-operation. iSTRIKE’s mission is to produce visual representations of territories, to focus on the environment and strengthen the idea of resources, avoiding activities based on problem solving, in order to stress and overcome definitions of culture, identity, diversity and development. iSTRIKE was founded in 2007 by Lucia Babina, Iolanda Pensa and Francesca Recchia in the city of Rotterdam (NL), and operates as a collective subject at an international level. iSTRIKE has collaborated with the Cameroonian art institute Doual’art and international independent artists and cultural producers. It collaborated also with several Dutch institutes, such as Casco Art Institute, TU Delft, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art.

LB is also the co-founder of COHABITATION STRATEGIES (2008-on). COHABITATION STRATEGIES (COHSTRA) is an international non-profit organization for socio-spatial research, design, and development which focuses on conditions of urban decline, inequality, and segregation within the contemporary city. COHSTRA brings transdiciplinary methodologies to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the agents affecting urban areas and provides cross-disciplinary working frameworks to communities to generate sustainable transformations. It seeks to amplify the interest of individuals and communities through neighborhood-based initiatives and local programs connecting citizens with public officials, government agencies, and public institutions. COHSTRA was founded in 2008 by Lucia Babina, Emiliano Gandolfi, Gabriela Rendón, and Miguel Robles-Durán in the city of Rotterdam. Since then, this non-profit has been engaged in urban, and community projects of diverse scales and complexities commissioned by art, cultural, and academic institutions, as well as municipalities and government agencies in diverse countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada, and the United States. In the Netherlands, COHSTRA has collaborated in different capacities with the NAi (Het Nieuwe Insituut), Van AbbeMuseum, International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, The Berlage Institute, TU Delft, Eindhoven Design Academy, Stedelijk Museum, TodaysArt, Basis for Aktuelle Kunst (BAK), Casco Art Institute. Internationally, COHSTRA has collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art, La Biennale di Venezia, Musagetes Foundation, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Chicago Architecture Biennial, Canadian Center for Architecture, StoreFront for Architecture, Lisbon Architecture Triennial, MARE Culturale Urbano, Istanbul Design Biennial, Art Gallery of Alberta, Vienna Architecture Biennial, to mention a few.

In parallel to her work as a social designer and artist (since 2007), LB has dedicated over 15 years to learning and practicing SELF-CARE and INNER SCIENCE. Her journey has encompassed meditation and inner work at the Institute of the Unitary Science, yoga through the Isha Foundation, Tensegrity under the guidance of Kilian Erthran (Certified Tensegrity Cleargreen Teacher), Reiki training with Luca Riguzzi (Reiki Master), Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley (Teacher of Lucid Dreaming, Shadow Integration, and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep), Celestial Herbalism with Arjun Das (Teacher and Creator of Viver Ayurveda and Celestial Herbalism), Advanced Storytelling Mastery with Scott Jansen (Hypnotherapist). Her inner growth owes much to her time spent at the Institute of the Unitary Science, where she immersed herself in community life for over a decade and achieved the status of a certified spiritual mentor.

LB has been giving lectures internationally and producing writing contributions for publications and online platforms.