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Are you a CULTURAL WORKER with an irresistible desire to be unconditionally HEARD? Do you need a CALM SPACE to reorganize and restructure your mental and emotional archive of ideas and projects? Or do you simply feel oppressed, disempowered, and PRECARIZED by global materialistic greed and need a way out?

In my professional life, as a cultural worker and intuitive mentor, I’ve experienced firsthand how LISTENING and SELF-CARE can become potent tools for addressing loneliness, restlessness, disorientation, and the sense of oppression. The injustices within our working environment can significantly affect how we perform our life and work, as cultural workers. In response to this, and for those in search of a safe and open space to freely express their personal and professional concerns, I’ve created the Cultural Workers’ HOTLINE to strategise tactics for coping with the challenges of our living and working environments.

Within this safe and open space, I take on the role of empathic LISTENER and mentor, engaging with you in a liberating conversation that unfolds organically, taking diverse directions through our interaction. As your guide I will foster an environment empowering you to transcend social norms and ethical boundaries rooted in emotional behavioral patterns. The mentorship that I offer is neither remedy nor therapy; rather, it delivers a dedicated space for SELF-CARE enriched with breathing, meditation, and visualization techniques. My purpose is to revive in you a practice of SELF-DEDICATION, grounded in CALM and TRUST, enabling your INTUITION and resolve to emerge and guide you through any life situation.

If this resonates with you, feel free to REACH OUT to schedule an informal intake via phone/video call. During our conversation, I will share my background and experience as an artist and intuitive mentor, address any of your questions, and help determine which programme of the Cultural Worker’s HOTLINE aligns best with your needs.

Mentoring programme
The Cultural Worker’s HOTLINE now offers two services: THE CALM CONVERSATION for Cultural Workers, and SOS (SAFE AND OPEN SPACE) for Cultural Crisis.

THE CALM CONVERSATION for Cultural Workers consists of weekly or bi-weekly hour-long sessions with me as your mentor, ranging from a minimum of 3 sessions to a maximum of 12.

SOS (SAFE AND OPEN SPACE) for Cultural Crisis is a dedicated hotline for urgent matters. An SOS call does not require prior planning and will be addressed promptly when a crisis is happening. Subscribers to THE CALM CONVERSATION plan can avail themselves to 1 SOS call per month at a discounted rate.

About me
I am a cultural worker and intuitive mentor interested in exploring interpersonal relationships and group dynamics with the goal of addressing unevenness and injustice in the cultural sector. For the last 20 years I have worked with local communities co-creating public spaces that foster freedom of expression and a culture of care. In these complex situations, my approach to cultivating cooperation has revolved around actively listening to and curating people’s personal narratives. Simultaneously I’ve dedicated ample time to self-discovery, engaging in practices of introspection, meditation, and silence to learn how to hear my inner voice.