Project as

Project as

CohStra (Lucia Babina, Emiliano Gandolfi, Gabriela Rendón and Miguel Robles-Durán)

Commissioned by

In collaboration with

Landscape Choreography

Research Contributions
-Verena Lenna as CohStra (research coordinator)
-Guido Belloni
-Lucia Tozzi

Photos by
Niccolò Gandolfi


Manuale di Attivazione Urbana Zona 7 (Manual of Urban Activation Zone 7) is an active research on an extended area of ​​Milan. Born from a collective work between researchers, citizens and associations, it is an investigation into the housing, economic and social characteristics of one of the large residential areas of the city. With the failure of the organic design of the large public housing estates, this area was used as an experimental laboratory for various urban planning practices that have generated controversial social dynamics and marginalization.
Conducted by Cohabitation Strategies and Landscape Choreography, the manual was conceived as an operational tool for cultural activation in the area to highlight the challenges and development potentials of Zone 7. With a particular focus on the urban habitat and forms of cohabitations in the Zone 7, the MAUZ7 is meant to be used by the artists in residence of mare culturale urbano and by the local citizens to stimulate a dialogue and new possibilities for collective imagination.