Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina

Commissioned by

In collaboration with

-Marjetica Potrč, artist
-Ime Essien, dancer and choreographer
-Leslie Veisse, curator

-Chalet Society
-Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK Hamburg)
-IUAV (the Università Iuav di Venezia)
-MSU (Michigan State University, USA)

HFBK Hamburg Students
-Xin Cheng
-Maria Christou
-Tino Holzmann
-Robert Köpke
-Barbara Niklas
-Konouz Saeed, Mana Stahl
-Julia Wycisk

HFBK Hamburg guests of the class
-Muriel Andreu (Erasmus Fine Arts student)
-Konstanze Eßmann (Experimental Design, HFBK Hamburg)
-Juli Paetzold (Konzeptdesign, HFBK Hamburg)
-Chinook Ulrich Schneider (Film department, HFBK Hamburg)

Visual Arts department at IUAV Students
-Lorenza Adessi
-Flavia Banchi
-Lucia Bergamaschi
-Licia Bianchi
-Eleonora Boraggini
-Elisa Businaro
-Daniele Costa
-Martina Camani
-Amy Ferullo
-Ludovico Franzolini
-Gaetano Savio Intilla
-Sabrina Losenno
-Beatrice Marotta
-Margherita Moro
-Marcella Merra
-Guglielmo Messina
-Matias Julian Nativo
-Alessia Prati
-Simone Rossi

Production Contributions
Gaston Ramirez Feltrin
Green Spin

Photos by
Eliah Rustveld


It is a three-day workshop in Venice, designed for students of HFBK Hamburg and of the Visual Arts department at IUAV. Students were guided to use movements as communication tools. The aim was to create a collective platform for imagining a future society and exploring what citizenship means to the participants and how it influences their strategies of living together.

Day 1- The Geometry of Citizenship: Participants explored citizenship through the social and spatial relationships we create in society.
Day 2 – The Collective Body: Participants used physical experience to explore coexistence by creating collective body drawings based on body movement as a communication tool.
Day 3 – Finalization: The experience was publicly shared and discussed.