Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina/iStrike (Lucia Babina, Iolanda Pensa, Francesca Recchia and Kamiel Verschuren)

Commissioned by

Self produced project

In collaboration with

doual’art (Marilyn Douala Bell, Didier Schaub)

-Mondriaan Foundation
-Prins Claus Fond

Thinking about! participants
-Blaise Bang, artist
-Ulrike Bartels, curator
-James Beckett, artist
-Pauline Burmann (NL), foundation Thami Mnyele, Amsterdam
-Edgar Cleijne, artist
-Haco de Ridder, freelancer (Mondriaan Foundation), Amsterdam
-Stefaan Dheedene, artist
-Marjolijn Dijkman, artist (Enough Room for Space), Rotterdam
-Mariette Dölle, artistic director TENT, Rotterdam
-Mique Eggermont, curator
-Emiliano Gandolfi, curator Nai, Rotterdam
-Zoë Gray, Witte de With, Rotterdam
-Christian Hanussek, artist
-Paul Hendrikse, artist
-Dunja Herzog, artist (Enough Room for Space), Basel
-Jean Patrice KOE jr. second secretary Ambassade Cameroon, The Hague
-Caro Mendez, attaché Prins Claus Fond, The Hague
-Patricia Pulles, curator Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
-Daniela Roth, journalist/critic, Bonn
-Fiona Siegenthaler, historian
-Eric Van Hove, artist
-Maarten van den Eynde, artist
-Claudia Wegener, artist

Ars&Urbis International Workshop Participants
-Abdellah Karroum, curator
-Achillekà Komguem, artist
-Alexander Vollebregt, artist
-Alioum Moussa, artist
-Aretha Louise Mbango, artist
-Aser Kash, artist
-Cercle Kapsiki, artists
-Cheuping Njoya, artist
-Christian Hanussek, artist
-Cédric Dibandjo, artist
-Dodji Efoui, artist
-Edgar Cleijne, artist
-Emile Youmbi, artist
-Emiliano Gandolfi, curator
-Giulia Paoletti, assistant
-Goddy Leye, artist
-Hervé Yamguen, artist
-Hervé Youmbi, artist
-Jacques Epangue, artist
-Joseph Francis Sumégné, artist
-Joë Kessy, artist
-Jules Wokam, artist
-Kevin van Braak, artist
-Koko Komegne, artist
-Lionel Manga, philosopher
-Marthe Ndom, artist
-Michele Dantini, artist
-Nsame Mbongo, artist
-Paulin Tchuenbou, artist
-Rossella Biscotti, artist
-Salifou Lindou, artist
-Sandrine Dole, artist
-Vincent Assiga, artist
-Zayd Minty, curator

Salon Urbain de Douala participants
-Alioum Moussa, artist
-Autodafe, artist
-Faouzi Laatiris, artist
-Danièle Diwouta-Kotto, artist
-Frédéric Keiff, artist
-Hervé Yamguen, artist
-Joseph Francis Sumégné, artist
-Koko Komegne, artist
-Kouo Eyango, artist
-Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, artists
-Lionel Manga, philosopher
-Lucas Grandin, artist
-Michèle Magema, artist
-Pascale Marthine Tayo, artist
-Philippe Mouillon, artist


doual’art and iStrike initiated a long-term collaboration program, aimed at turning the city of Douala (Cameroon) into a research case study and at facilitating opportunities for international exchanges. doual’art is a no-profit organization, based in Douala, iStrike is a no-profit based in Rotterdam.
Within the frame of this long-term program, doual’art and iStrike started interrogating themselves about: how to represent an African city and its complexity by avoiding the clichés usually regarding the South of the world; how to bring together different points of view on Douala to cover aspects which are unusual for classical scientific rigour; how to bring to light what impact cultural initiatives and organizations have on this city and how to measure it; how to develop non-dogmatic and creative methods of inquiry based on collaboration and on exchange of ideas.
Starting from those premises they have been organizing 5 main initiatives: Thinking about!, Ars&Urbis International Workshop, the publication Douala in Translation, SUD – Salon Urbain de Douala and WideSUD.

1.Thinking about!
doual’art visited the Netherlands for a week where together with iStrike involved local curators, artists and operators in a debate on artistic projects in Douala.
2.Ars&Urbis International Workshop
Local and international artists, architects, journalists, philosophers and cultural producers experienced the city of Douala, made contact with several local professionals and inhabitants and translated its diverse aspects of urban life into a personal and unpredictable research. Those different points of view on Douala made the content of the Douala in Translation publication.
3.Douala in Translation: a view of the city and its creative transformative potentials
The publication brings together cross-disciplinary analyses of Douala from 18 authors, who approached the city according to their own interests, experiences and inclinations. It makes also known the extraordinary work of doual’art from 1991 to the present, in promoting innovative cultural projects of urban intervention and collective participation, and it introduces the first edition of the event SUD – Salon Urbain de Douala, a festival of site-specific artistic interventions focused on the multifaceted aspects of the city.
4.SUD – Salon Urbain de Douala
The international event took place in Douala and it was meant to present to a local and international audience the city of Douala and its most pioneering cultural and artistic projects. More than 15 international artists, architects and researchers produced site-specific installations ad-hoc for SUD tackling issues like urban mobility, heritage, informal sector, recycling and modernity.
Public program aimed at the presentation of the SUD 2007 internationally. The first event took place at Project(or) Art Fair, Rotterdam.