Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina/iStrike.ultd

Commissioned by

Self produced project

In collaboration with

-Kamiel Verchuren
-Stichting BAD
-TU-Delft Bouwkunde/Spacelab–Urban Body

-Deelgemeente Charlois
-Dienst Kunst & Cultuur Rotterdam
-Stichting Centrum -Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
-Stichting Nieuwe -Rotterdamse Cultuur
-Vestia Feijenoord
-De Nieuwe Unie

Project Contributions
-Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen/Stealth [u]ltd, architects
-Jeanne van Heeswijk, artist
-Sang Lee, architect
-Tor Lindstrand, architect
-Daniele Pario Perra, artist
-Taji “the chef”
-Daniel van der Velden, designer
-Alicia Velazquez, artist
-Alexander Vollebregt, architect

Production Contributions
-Jolanda Copier, de cultural scout Charlois
-Laurien Dumbar
-Marco Douma
-Rik Eikmans
-Giuseppe Licari
-Charlois inhabitants
-Jasper Niens
-Project Space Wolfart
-Marcel van den Berg
-Studio NL 01.08.04


It is an international and cross-disciplinary workshop and a cultural program focusing on Charlois in the South of Rotterdam. The area, at that time, was going through a radical urban renewal and gentrification process, conceived by the City of Rotterdam, various housing corporations and the national government. The workshop was organised in collaboration with Stichting BAD, Spacelab/Urban Body TU Delft, the contemporary art centre TENT.
30 international students of TU Delft Bouwkunde participated in the workshop and camped in the garden of Stichting BAD.
Moving in Free Zones deals with urban dynamics, material and immaterial architecture, it investigates spontaneous creativity, it experiments innovative uses of the public domain and stimulates new discourses of environmental and cultural integration. The intention is to produce visual contents, ideas and concepts, to trigger a debate on Charlois and create public awareness amongst its inhabitants.
The workshop was lead by the architects Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen/Stealth [u]ltd, Alicia Velazquez/L-E-A-K and Sang Lee, Tor Lindstrand, the chef Taji “the chef”, the artists Daniele Pario Perra and Jeanne van Heeswijk, the designer and researcher Daniel van der Velden. The cultural program consisted of: public lectures and artists’ talks, thematic guided tours, meetings with inhabitants and professionals dealing with Charlois/Rotterdam South in various forms, public presentations of the students investigations, a movie/video program. The contemporary arts centre TENT hosted an event with lectures, video screenings, music and a bar station.