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Part 1

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Part 2

Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina

Commissioned by


In collaboration with

-Seamus Farrell, artist
-Abdellah Karroum, curator
-Mohssin Harraki

Photo by
Adolfo Estrada

Video by
Seamus Farrell


3R’s Maroc 21 was initiated by the artist Seamus Farrell. The first part took place already in 2007 in Martil (Morocco), as a workshop. The second part was staged in the middle of the market Afrikaandermarkt in Rotterdam. The project is part of Multipistes, a cooperative art-project involving international curators and artists.
The workshop in Morocco involved local and international youths from the rest of Africa and aimed to reinvent a new entrepreneurial and environmental craftsmanship based on reusing and recycling glass material for the production of daily-life, design and artistic objects.
Together with Seamus Farrell we sublet part of a stand in Afrikaandermarkt and, with the help of the Mohssin Harraki, we re-enacted and re-interpreted the Moroccan workshop in a Dutch market context that functioned as a working space (production of objects), as a business space (selling produced objects), as a communication space (a showcase of the workshop in Martil), and as a platform for debating about artistic processes as triggers of development in different contexts.