Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina/Wilde Westen (Lucia Babina, Ooze, Merijn Oudenampsen, Overtreders W, Henriette Waal)

Commissioned by

Wild West Foundatiom


Wilde Westen is a pilot program defining the outline of an urban strategy for the renewal of west Amsterdam Tuinsteden.
The program is an initiative of Wild West Foundation, a diverse coalition of entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, government bodies, and property developer.
From Software to Hardware Wilde Westen strategy is inverting the usual practice of restructuring city district by proposing a bottom-up approach. Throughout the organization of events, the creation of networks and interventions in public space, initiatives of entrepreneurs and residents solidify into physical developments. The Wilde Westen Programme reveals the complexity and multicultural aspect of its community of residents and entrepreneurs and use it as a positive and rich value for the development of the neighbourhood. It stimulates creativity and regeneration on a professional scale and an ambitious and emancipator approach on a life scale. It promotes a re-appropriation and reuse of the existing spaces which enable participation and creates social inclusion.
From the research originated the project The Cook, the Farmer, his Wife and their Neighbor.