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Project as

Project as

Lucia Babina/iStrike.ultd

Commissioned by

Self produced project

In collaboration with

Jacopo Mario Gandolfi

-Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam
-Deelgemeente Charlois
Urban Body/TU Delft, -Cultureel Denkwer, EF, Vestia

Project Contributions
-ABC Brassband
-Art Hotel Tarwewijk
-Gary Asselbergs economist
-Birasol Dames Club
-Eric Dullaert, Cultureel Denkwerk
-Franklin Geerman, social worker
-Kees Koot, social worker
-Romeo Gambier aka Dj Fader
-Rob Luca, Deelgemeente Charlois
-Students of Urban Body/TU Delft
-Kamiel Verschuren, artist and Stichting BAD
-Harry Wols, social worker


Moving in Free Zones #2 is a project which implied the realization of a workshop involving inhabitants of Oud-Charlois, Carnisse and Tarwewijk (South of Rotterdam) and students of Urban Body/TU Delft in order to produce the film ZUID in collaboration with the filmmaker Jacopo Mario Gandolfi. MFZ#2 was realized in collaboration with Urban Body/TU Delft.
The intention of the workshop was to understand the use of the public space by the inhabitants of Charlois and to stimulate dreams, whishes and aspirations of inhabitants concerning their future lives in the neighborhood, by means of a film. The process of the film involved a filmmaker, inhabitans of Charlois and students of Urban Body/TU Delft to interact and create the sequences of the film. The film portrays the neighborhood by telling about 6 stories belonging to 6 main characters and extras which are selected inhabitants of the submentioned areas. The 6 private stories converge in the last sequence of the film in which inhabitants re-appropriate a public square and reveal themselves and their dreams in the public sphere by changing it.
In respect to that, the task of the students of Urban Body/TU Delft was to understand and to translate dreams of the inhabitants/characters into installations which have been built in Moerkerkeplein (Tarwewijk) on occasion of the last sequence. This last sequence was conceived also as a public event for the neighborhood which consolidated our presence in the area and stimulated new design proposals by Urban Body/TU Delft’s students concerning the public domain in Charlois.