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Lucia Babina

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-Acajou – Danser sans se voir
-Alternative Urbaine
-Association des commerçants de la place du marché Sainte-Catherine
-Commerçants du quartier Notredame de Paris
-Commerçants et fleuristes du marché aux fleurs Reine Elisabeth II
-Cie Au fil de soi
-Bibliothèques Municipales du 4e et Société des Amis de la Bibliothèque Forney
-Compagnie la fin des certitudes
-Femme Avenir
-Femmes Artistes -Citoyennes d’Europe/Artec
-La compagnie Chocnosof
-Les Ballades Mystérieuses à Paris
-Lulu dans ma rue
-Orchestre d’accordéons de Paris
-Poésie en Liberté
-Retrouver sa racine

-Marie Josée Morato
-Laurent Aouizerate
-Nelly Bosson
-Frédéric Vitoux
-Garage Sully


Le Living is a cosy authentic non-profit space where people of Morland, the 4eme arrondissement and Paris city can gather, learn, share, discuss and chill in order to facilitate meeting between people of different generation, gender and background, to exchange ideas, to share knowledge, to create bonds and collaborations, to feed dreams.
Le Living is commonly a room in our home used for eating, drinking, meeting friends and family, watching tv, celebrating. The Living we all know from our house is going to be recreated in the Living Art Lab, it will become the neighbourhood living space where the everyday life of and in the neighbourhood takes place and is performed.
The neighbourhood has got the highest presence of tourists in the whole city of Paris, and its at risk of desertification. Cost of living here is becoming more and more unaffordable for the majority of its inhabitants thus residents and small businesses move progressively and consistently out looking for better opportunities. The chance this neighbourhood can keep its soul intact shrinks everyday.
Le Living is a living space in the neighbourhood and for the neighbourhood to facilitate and encourage a life out of the touristic circuits and of speculative logics.